After a lot of searching and investigation (which included going down several garden paths) we’ve decided upon a CHP system using known technologies. Not because renewables don’t work – to the contrary, they do work – and work very well if the system is designed and installed correctly. No, in our case it was the imminent arrival of the newest member of the family that focused the final decision. Of course, since it’s known controllable technology there’s not as much risk but what a system like this does provide is the freedom to start your renewable journey.

So what’s in our off grid system?

Genset – Lister Petter LPW3 powered 3 cyclinder diesel genset with sound attenuated canopy and residential silencer. The set is controlled by a system from Deep Sea Controls allowing remote start and infinte monitoring possibilities. 8.6Kw with the ability to run 10% overload for 1 hour in every 12.

Charger/ Inverter combi units – Victron Multiplus 3KVA/ 2.5Kw units – 24 volt models proving 70A charging per unit. These units can be paralleled to increase inverter and charger output and you can also create 3 phase if required, perfect for farm applications or remote workshops. The ability to log in via laptop or pc to reconfigure the majority of the settings means each system can be individuall set up dependant on other components, power supply etc.

Deep cycle Batteries – Elecsol AGM Solar and Marine Series, 8 X 250A units wired in series/ parallel to provide 24 volts and 1000ah. Capable of more than 6000 cycles when discharging to only 15% DOD or 1500 cycles when going to 80%.

Various other ancilliares such as A rated water pumps, Bowman exhaust gas heat exchanger and Victron BMV 602 battery monitor completed the package.

The system works extremely well saving money by providing all of our electricity and the majority of our heating requirements all year round. But how does it help us become greener??