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Leisure Batteries Ireland

Leisure Batteries Ireland

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Leisure Technical Services – Dromore

Caravaning Posted on Sun, August 08, 2010 17:50:47

Simon at Leisure Technical Services in Dromore is renowned for the quality of his workmanship and commitment to his customers. His motorhome installations, service parts and repair business is flourishing and recommendations come from near and far.

When sourcing a battery suitable for motorhomes (which tends to have a higher requirement than caravans as people are not always plugged in to a supply point) Simon was looking for a product with the highest quality and reliability – which lead him to Elecsol. Fitted as standard to the Autotrail motorhome rnage, the Elecsol Battery is reliable and compact.

For all your motorhome needs, contact Simon at Leisure Technical Services

Leisure Technical Services, 19 Diamond Road, Dromore. BT25 1PH

Phone: 07739797955

Appointed agents for the following systems;

Elecsol Batteries

Satellite Systems Oyster Vision, Solar Sammy, Sammy Camos Dome 30/40cm

Security Systems Van Bitz Strikeback ‘T’

Pager systems and remote immobilization

Tracking systems

Energy Systems Kyrocera Quality Solar panels

EFOY fuel cells

Dometic Generators

Major battery SAVER with our LED replacement bulbs

Gas Solutions Gaslow Refillable bottles (The safe option of filling your bottle)

Gaslow accessories including hoses, regulators and bottle changeovers

Stako under floor storage tank, 20ltr-80ltr tanks available

General Accessories Fiamma and Omnistor Awnings, Bike racks, Ladders, Status Tv Aerials, BBQ points, Outside shower points, 12v TV/DVD combinations, Free to air receivers and much more,

Have your Habitational and Mechanical service provided under the one roof with LTS

Habitational Service: Gas safety testing. ‘’Corgi Approved’’

Electrical tests on 240v and 12v Auto and Habitation systems

Water ingress test

Battery testing

Mechanical Service: Oil, Air and Fuel change and filter replacement,

MOT preparation By E.Edgar Motors

Appointed Service Centre:

Dometic, Smev, Spinflo, Truma, Gaslow and Waeco, Fiamma products

LPC Caravan and Camping – Bangor now selling Elecsol

Caravaning Posted on Sun, August 08, 2010 17:32:13

LPC Caravan and Camping are the latest to join the Elecsol team. Situated off ballo Bay in Bangor Co. Down, LPC sell new and used caravans, camping equipment and accessories such as electric movers, LED lighting, lightweight awnings and more.

The Elecsol Batttery provides a higher storage capacity with less weight and more importantly – smaller external dimensions than many competitors. With many motorhome and caravan battery compartments already tightly packed, the extra space given by an Elecsol battery means that additional wiring such as that required for an electric mover can be neatly coiled above the battery. Or use the extra space and fit a larger battery – with Elecsol you have the power when you need it.

An added benefit is that the Elecsol Leisure battery is dual purpose and can be used in the marine environment for both house and engine start battery.

Elecsol Leisure Batteries are capable of 1000 cycles (most lead acid alternatives will do 300) and backed up by a full 5 years warranty.

You can contact the guys at LPC Caravan and Camping at;

LPC Caravans & Camping
5B Balloo Way
Balloo Industrial Estate
BT19 7QZ
Northern Ireland

(028) 91 465551

Wexford Motor Centre – New Dealer

Marine Posted on Tue, August 03, 2010 00:23:19

Susan and Jim Hyland, the proprietors of Wexford Motorcycle Centre have joined the Leisure Batteries Ireland team – distributing the high quality Elecsol Battery products to their discerning customer base.

New Elecsol Battery Dealer

Marine Posted on Tue, August 03, 2010 00:20:06

We would like to welcome Mourne Boat Sales to the Elecsol brand. Mourne boat sales situated in Hilltown, near Newry in County Down have joined the ever increasing dealer network for Elecsol Batteries across Ireland. For more information contact us on 02895811411 or 07540538060.

Off Grid Ireland

Off-grid Ireland Posted on Wed, July 21, 2010 23:04:49

After a lot of searching and investigation (which included going down several garden paths) we’ve decided upon a CHP system using known technologies. Not because renewables don’t work – to the contrary, they do work – and work very well if the system is designed and installed correctly. No, in our case it was the imminent arrival of the newest member of the family that focused the final decision. Of course, since it’s known controllable technology there’s not as much risk but what a system like this does provide is the freedom to start your renewable journey.

So what’s in our off grid system?

Genset – Lister Petter LPW3 powered 3 cyclinder diesel genset with sound attenuated canopy and residential silencer. The set is controlled by a system from Deep Sea Controls allowing remote start and infinte monitoring possibilities. 8.6Kw with the ability to run 10% overload for 1 hour in every 12.

Charger/ Inverter combi units – Victron Multiplus 3KVA/ 2.5Kw units – 24 volt models proving 70A charging per unit. These units can be paralleled to increase inverter and charger output and you can also create 3 phase if required, perfect for farm applications or remote workshops. The ability to log in via laptop or pc to reconfigure the majority of the settings means each system can be individuall set up dependant on other components, power supply etc.

Deep cycle Batteries – Elecsol AGM Solar and Marine Series, 8 X 250A units wired in series/ parallel to provide 24 volts and 1000ah. Capable of more than 6000 cycles when discharging to only 15% DOD or 1500 cycles when going to 80%.

Various other ancilliares such as A rated water pumps, Bowman exhaust gas heat exchanger and Victron BMV 602 battery monitor completed the package.

The system works extremely well saving money by providing all of our electricity and the majority of our heating requirements all year round. But how does it help us become greener??

Elecsol Launches New AGM Solar and Marine Series

Elecsol - Leading the way Posted on Sun, July 18, 2010 21:21:42

Once again Elecsol are leading the way with longevity, quality and performance in their new range of AGM Deep Cycle batteries. The new range can carry out more than 6000 cycles at a depth of discharge (DOD) of 15%. Each unit has a 7 year warranty – future proofing your purchase! Marine applications include yachts and sail boats requiring the ultimate in deep discharge and lightweight power through the use of carbon fibre impregnated within the cell structure.